Jordan to replace Scalise as GOP Speaker nominee

Plus, new leaked audio from "education reformers" and Christian nationalist revisionism


Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) appears to be the next Republican choice for House Speaker after Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) pulled himself out of the race. Scalise’s announcement comes less than 24 hours after House Republicans nominated him over Jordan to replace Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). 

It was originally not clear if Jordan would become the primary frontrunner: His popularity amongst Republicans is mixed as best, and Jordan was initially wishy-washy on whether or not he would attempt to run again for the speakership. 

"Look, when I decided to run before, I waited until the next day after Kevin [McCarthy] made his decision. I thought that was appropriate. I will do the same thing right now. I’ll wait," Jordan said last night.

However, it’s now been reported that Republicans have selected the staunch Donald Trump ally as their new candidate for the speakership. It’s unclear if he can get farther than Scalise in getting full House floor votes.

New reporting by Heartland Signal found that a consultant working with Minnesota Parents Alliance — a right-wing political organization that focuses on “parental rights”— believes that public schools are using Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to create a social credit system. In a meeting with parents in suburban St. Paul, Jennifer McWilliams, an education consultant, claimed the pedagogy was meant to facilitate data collection akin to that of the Chinese government. 

“These data systems are known as P-W, so preschool through the workforce. This is a lifelong scoring system that they are building on the children right now. Essentially, what they are doing is building social credit scores for the children just like what is in China,” McWilliams said. 

However, McWilliams admitted that she had no evidence of this: It was strictly vibes on her end. Her concern was that such profiles would eventually be used to restrict access to firearms later in life and be used to encourage abortions. 

It appears the combination Pizza-Hut-Taco-Bell-abortion-trans agenda is being facilitated by the globalist elite, especially when you “consider that massive funders are not only the Gates Foundation but also the United Nations and World Economic Forum.” 

According to Right Wing Watch, popular evangelical activist David Barton believes that left-wing progressives are to blame for chattel slavery in the United States. At a conference hosted last month by the traditionalist Truth & Liberty Coalition — who want to “help you refocus, get equipped and encouraged, and continue the momentum to take America back for Christ” — Barton used historical revisionism insofar assert that the Christians who founded the Jamestown Colony in Virginia were not, in fact, the kinds of Christians that his movement represents. Instead, they were wolves in sheep’s clothing. 

“As you look at Jamestown, there’s not a whole lot to be said positively about them,” Barton said. “They were very elitist. They were very socialistic. They were pro-slavery. They were definitely big government, and they were very group-conscious. That’s the way progressives are.”

Meanwhile, the Plymouth colonists are the kinds of Christians that are indicative of America’s unique virtue and greatness. Their values, Barton argued, are what represent the philosophy of movement — and always rejected the evils of human bondage. 

“[The Plymouth Colony] is the one founded on the Bible and look at all the good things there: intelligence, obedience, law, equal rights, love of country, philanthropy, benevolence, happiness, patience, charity, faith, hope, peace, honor, truth, virtue, all that good,” Barton clarified. 

“That’s what swept across the nation. That’s what characterized America was what came out of the Pilgrims, not what came out of Jamestown.”

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Jamie Larson